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Plato's The Apology is an account of the speech Socrates makes at the trial in which he is charged with not recognizing the gods recognized by the state, inventing new deities, and corrupting the youth of Athens. Socrates' speech, however, is by no means an "apology" in our modern understanding of the word. The name of
The Apology Plato Essay. 698 Words Jan 1st, 2013 3 Pages. Melinda Leager PHIL 201-03/04/08. Instructor: Dr. Dennis L. Burke September 7, 2012. Response Paper “The Apology” by Plato In this reading Plato tells the story of Socrates and his trial which ultimately lead to his death sentence. Socrates was a 70 year old
ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates. In the texts that are going to be analyzed in this essay, Apology and Phaedo, are the retellings of words and thoughts of Socrates by Plato, a pupil and admirer of Socrates. Both texts lecture about the topic of death and though both are the thoughts of Socrates at different times of his life,
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Socrates argues that because associating with wicked people is harmful, he would not intentionally corrupt the Athenian youth (The Apology 25e-26a).
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In The Apology by Plato, Socrates was giving his testimony before he was forced to commit suicide. He was trying to prove that death is better than living without ones beliefs. He believed that he was innocent, going to a better place, and he was going to die anyway. Socrates was an old man, in his seventies and not goi.
The Apology - In this paper I will be discussing the four charges brought against Socrates in Plato's essay The Apology# and why exactly each of these charges is completely fictitious. The four charges brought against Socrates were that he argued the physical over the metaphysical, he argued the weaker claim over the
Summary The Apology is believed to be the creative writing my aim in life most authentic account that has been preserved of apology essay meletus socrates Socrates' defense of himself as it was presented before the Athenian. 20-11-2017 · Summary Plato's dialog called. Euthyphro relates a discussion that took place
The Apology of Socrates by Plato (Steph. 17a - 42a), is the Socratic dialogue that presents the speech of legal self-defence, which Socrates presented at his trial for impiety and corruption, in 399 BC. Specifically, the Apology of Socrates is a defence against the charges of “corrupting the young” and “not believing in the gods

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