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Today's article looks at that forgotten mark, the apostrophe. We'll look at how the apostrophe is used (hint: you can see two ways in this paragraph!), with ...
A contraction, in the context being discussed, refers to the use of an apostrophe in place of other characters. For example, it's instead of it is, can't instead of cannot, isn't instead of is not. Thus the characters replaced by the apostrophe in the previous examples are 'i' 'no' and 'o'. In contractions the characters are replaced for
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Apostrophes are also used to show ownership - they make a word possessive. To make a word possessive follow the three simple rules given below. 1. If the word is singular add 's. the student's books - meaning the books belonging to the student. Further examples are: the boss's armchair; the government's legislation. 2.
As a scientist who writes and publishes, I just want to make clear that the use of the possessive in science writing is pretty much universally frowned upon, with just a few exceptions (see e.g. www.scienceeditingexperts.com/use-of-apostrophes-in-scientific-writing). It may seem daft, but it is part of the
4. Use contractions less in formal writing contexts, such as serious argumentative essays, formal letters of complaint, business writing or academic journals. This is because such contexts require the full standard language style. 5. Use contractions with apostrophes more in informal writing contexts which simulate spoken
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Proper apostrophe usage is important. Learn how to use them here.
Free punctuation guide to apostrophes from Essay UK, the UK essays company that provides essay writing services for students.
The apostrophe is used in writing contractions — that is, shortened forms of words from which one or more letters have been omitted. In standard English, this generally happens only with a small number of conventional items, mostly involving verbs. Here are some of the commonest examples, with their uncontracted

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